3/13/2015 – Los Angeles Regional Day 1

The day began with another early(er) morning and another bus ride to the Long Beach arena. Once the doors opened, the pit crew immediately made their way to the pits to make a new part that will help us intake the can, without lowering our forks. The pieces were bent pieces of aluminum that would help the cans up onto our forks (like a ramp).

While that piece was being made and tested, Roupen, our welder began putting on the final touches on the spare intake. He fully utilized The Holy Cows mobile machine shop to make it.

During the matches, our robot was not performing too well, and the main problem was the fact that Centurion had to be driven so slowly, the stack holders were not performing up to expectations, and something else had to be made.

After a good days worth of qualification matches, we were ranked 6th at the event. That night, our scouts met over Google hangouts and discussed what other teams would like to see in us. We realized that all of the top teams would not want us to run our three tote autonomous (since we knock over the cans), but they would want us to be making the fastest stacks at the event. With that our priorities were set, any practice time we had, would be spent practicing lining up and making stacks.

We also knew we needed to be able to drive faster so we can make stacks faster. To do this we decided that “sandwiching” the stack in between our forks, and something hard mounted to the top was the fastest, and best solution. This mechanism had one drawback, we would be limited to stacks of 5 capped, but that was a much better alternative to loosing a capped stack of 6.

Our game plan was set for the second day.