3/12/2015 – Los Angeles Regional Practice Day

The team arrived very early to school Thursday morning (6:30 AM) to catch the bus to the Long Beach Arena. After the one hour ride there, the team promptly got in line and began the wait for the doors to open at 8:30.

Once 8:30 struck, the team split up, the pit setup, and pit crew went to the pits, while the scouts and everyone else went to the stands to claim the best seats they could. The pit crew immediately un-bagged the  robot and began replacing the carriage cross member, the constant force spring mount, and mounted the new, lighter, pneumatic system(brass fittings replaced by aluminum ones). They also mounted the new forks, and the ejector mechanism.

Once all physical modifications were made to the robot, the programming team finally got their hands on the robot to update the firmware on the robot and configure the D-Link.

After passing inspection and barely making the weight (118.5 lbs), the team began testing the robot. Everything was going great, until we realized we cannot manipulate the cans anymore because we angled the forks backwards, we needed to lower the minimum point of the carriage. We lowered the bottom limit switch, not that was not enough.

By this time, it was already 8:00 PM, and we needed to leave the pits.