Post Bag Day #10 – 3/8/15 – [R]ejected

Lab Opening Time: 1:00 PM

Today’s Sunday Meeting had less than half of the team in attendance. Even so, the team accomplished a lot today.

Chris and Ryan, the media sub-team, were interviewing people for the Chairman’s video in the Green Screen room.

Lauren, the photographer of the team who I owe all of the amazing blog pictures to, is sorting through the last few years of pictures and arranging them into the top 50 best pictures for each year.

Joshua put together his ejector today, but still needs to manufacture a few more parts before it’s ready to be put on the robot.

The biggest thing being worked on is Pit setup (Mr. Black is the main force behind that) and making the control board.

Just days away from competition, the team is chugging along.


Lab Closing Time: 6:30 PM