Post Bag Day #8 – 3/4/15 – Lesson Learned

Lab Opening Time: 1:25 PM

Thanks to Mr. Widholm, today the team met to continue working on need-to-do projects.

Joshua, the head of the prototyping sub-team, was starting work on manufacturing  the ejector mechanism. One valuable lesson learned today in manufacturing parts was using the proper stand-offs with the right amount of supports. When the ejector stock was placed in the machine, it wasn’t properly supported, so when we started cutting the whole piece shifted and was cut wrong.  Lesson learned.

Alexander, a member of the electrical sub-team, was continuing to hook up the new AndyMark batteries the Team got yesterday.

Olivia, my partner in crime, and Mr. Widholm were machining the intake joints and the forks for the elevator carriage on the HAAS Mini Mill.

Roupen, the student welder, was welding the robot cart. In fact, as Mr. Widholm was locking doors and turning off lights at 6, Roupen walked into the lab with the finished robot cart frame.

The next week is going to be packed with a lot to do and little time to do it.

Lab Closing Time: 6:10 PM