Post Bag Day # 9 – 3/5/15 – Fitting Frustrations

Lab Opening Time: 3:00pm

One week away from the Long Beach Regional, the team is working hard to get everything done in time. While manufacturing was a major priority, it was slow going. Today we were working on manufacturing the female parts for the fork extensions pivots. There were a few problems with the program that slowed us down. For one thing, we were taking off too much on our z-leve rough and so when the ball end mill tried to do a planar finish, it was not coming out smoothly. After adding another z-level rough with a smaller stopover and adding a mill profile around the end for a smooth finish on the sides, the program was ready to be finished. However, when we tried to fit the male pieces into the female pieces, they would not fit because the male parts measure ½ inch and the female part gap was ½ inch. We though we had changes the male program to be 0.495 but we did not account for tool deflection. We tried to fix the problem on the female part by doing a planar finish with a ⅜ end mill. This helped but was not enough. We then tricked the program by saying that the tool was smaller than it was and tried running the part again. We got close but it still did not fit. After several attempts and because it was late, we decided that it would be best just to mill the male parts and call it a night.

Olivia worked on the ejector legs but the aluminum would not stay down on the Techno Router. Saturday, Mr. Widholm and Olivia will move the fence so that the part can be in a relatively clean area of the router.

The web team worked on getting the 50 best pictures of each year from 2011 through 2014. Chris and Ryan worked on editing the chairman’s video. Programing worked on updating software. CAD team worked on the design of the control board.

Lab Closing Time: 6:30pm