Post Bag Day # 7-3/3/15

Lab Opening time: 1:30pm

Photo Mar 04, 5 58 06 PM

While we enter, March, the team is getting ready for their first competition, the Long Beach Regional. In order to be ready for the regional, the CAM and CNC teams worked on manufacturing new and improved intake pivots. We were worried about the welds on the intakes and so we wanted to make sure that we had extra intakes.

Intake pivots completed
Intake pivots completed

The CAD team worked on finishing touches on the robot like adding the new ejector that Joshua is working on. His idea is to have the ejector more like a scissor kick mechanism that will push out the totes.

Photo Mar 04, 5 58 27 PM

Alexander Luke worked on wiring the new batteries that we received today from AndyMark. Roupen and Jack worked on side panels that will help to keep the totes from falling out while we are moving.

Lab Closing time: 6:45pm