Post Bag Day #6 – 2/28/15 – Hello World!

Lab Opening Time: 9:00 AM

Hello World! The blog is public now, and we bloggers are happy to have you here.

Today involved a lot of blog corrections and work to get the robot reveal video released and sent out onto all platforms.

With the CAM sub-team, Olivia, my partner in crime, Alfredo, and James were programming, cutting, and machining everything needed for the spare intakes. This included the pivots (male and female), bearing holes, and VEX Versaplanetary bolt holes.

Joshua, the prototyping lead,  is starting to work on the fabrication of his new  ejector mechanism.

Although there was hardly anybody at robotics today, a lot was done, or significantly improved on; an overall decent day.

Lab Closing Time: 6:45 PM