Post Bag Day #5 – 2/27/15- Blue and Black Dress

Lab opening time: 1:35pm

Of course the robotics lab was a buzz with the black and blue dress that seems white and gold to others.

Speaking of groundbreaking news, the Team 696 robot reveal video was finished today!!!!!! The name of the robot is……. Centurion. Here is the reveal video.

Chris worked on finalizing the t-shirt design and worked with the animation team to get the rendered version of the robot for the back of the shirt.

Claire was able to run the elevator crossmember plate on the HAAS. The new part was pocketed to help reduce the weight. Bhavin cut out the brake housing that will keep people from sticking their fingers inside the disk brake.

Joshua and Roupen worked on a new ejector system that would be a scissor design that would be actuated with two pistons. Hopefully, this design will not be heavier than the original ejector.

Photo Feb 27, 6 07 04 PM
New tote holding system.


The business team worked on getting out a survey to all the donors of our Kickstarter which ended today. They also worked on the team contact information and the design of the sponsor panels.

The programing team got the Arduino Leonardo working with the joystick. Meet worked on the mount for the joystick.

Mika cut bar stock for various parts that will be added to the robot and Alexander Luke worked on wiring extra motors in case one of the motors stops working.

Alexander soldering away!
Alexander soldering away!

Mr. Black spent some of the afternoon walking some gentlemen from JPL around our lab. One of the visitors was actually a mentor for Team 696 during its early days. They were blown away with the machinery and technology. They even extended an offer from the team to come tour their lab after competition, of course.

JPL visitors talking to team 696 students.
JPL visitors talking to Team 696 students.

Lab closing time: 10:30pm