Post Bag Meeting #4 – 2/26/2015: #snackroomretirement

Lab Opening Time: 1:25 PM

In the last few days, running sometimes to 10 PM, and into Mr. Black’s free class periods, Mr. Black was cleaning the lab. The season has affected the lab from the horrible clutter that was the sawing room to the stained carpets in the computer lab. During the last few days, Mr. Black cleaned up the lab himself (which he shouldn’t have had to do as a mentor).

At the beginning of today there was a brief meeting discussing student hours (an overall total of 8000+ hours) and the new policies being implemented to keep the lab clean. So, the main turn out of the past week was the beloved snack room being retired permanently. Now, the team will have to bring their own snacks, but are welcome to the drinks in the refrigerator (just not the ones labeled “Mentor”).

One set back for today was the fact that the mentors had temporarily banned the usage of the Dewalt saw and vertical bandsaw in the sawing room due to the lack of cleanup which occurred during the season when using the sawing room (thrown around scrap metal and metal/wood dust everywhere). Due to this, production of some of the spare parts was stalled until tomorrow.

Luckily, the CAM team was working hard today. Olivia has become quite the pro when it comes to programming the parts for milling, and Alfredo and Claire have become pretty advanced in setting up and operating the HAAS Mini Mill.

Media is continuing to work on the reveal video for the yet-to-be-offically-named (can we name this thing already, you know it’s bad when I have to give it a “he-who-must-not-be-named” name for a robot) robot. They are working on a pretty impressive video even with the little footage they managed to snag before bagging.

Business team is now working with wrapping up kickstarter now that it’s been closed. We barely made our goal of $2,000, finishing at a total of $2,076.  Thank you to everyone who supported our fund raising campaign!  Despite a lower final total than we hoped for, Anna and Karin, the two rookie ladies in charge of fund raising, are learning from their mistakes and are planning to come back even stronger next year.

Tomorrow and the rest of this weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy with a lot to do.

Lab Closing Time: 6:15 PM