Post Bag Meeting #1 – 2/19/15

Lab opening time: 1:30pm

Early this morning, the team received a text message telling everyone that there was a robotics meeting today from 3 pm to 6pm.

The media team is working with sorting, filing, and editing all of the footage they captured over the last few days to put together the robot reveal video. Lauren and Nicole also started working on touching up the professional shots of the robot that will be framed and hung in the lab.

Nicole works with Lauren on editing the robot photos.
Nicole working with Lauren on editing the robot photos.

The mechanical team worked on putting together a wooden mock up of the robot to test out potential mechanisms to make the robot lighter. The lathe team worked on making a lighter elevator tensioning rod so that we don’t end up overweight (again).

Claire and Joshua work on the wooden robot.
Claire and Joshua work on the wooden robot.

The business team worked on updating the Kickstarter now that the build season is officially over. The CAD team worked on getting the robot design assembly completed for the new robot image on this years t-shirt. Cynthia also worked on the new CAD of the elevator forks and on getting the animation team all of the updated components so that we can show an exploded view of our robot in the pits.

The new aluminum tension rod.
The new aluminum tension rod.

Jack and Mr. Black spent all of the meeting discussing dates of pre-competion items that need to be done and which people need to be present and on which days should meetings take place. After all, we only have until March 11 before our first competition.

While build season is over, Team 696 is still going strong. This is just the beginning folks.

Lab closing time: 9:30 pm