Day #42 – 2/13-15 – Friday the 13th

Lab opening time: 12:00 pm

On this “unlucky”  Friday banking day, the team gathered to begin the final days of building the robot. Good progress was made on all fronts as the programming team got the swerve modules running and the animation team has an animation that works just like the team has imagined it to look like.

Anthony working on the animation of the robot.
Anthony working on the animation of the robot.

The CAD design for the elevator forks was completed along with a back support system that will fix the wrapping of the metal due to the welds on the frame. Joshua worked on the autocanner design which will hopefully be ready for manufacturing soon. Sipan worked on a name plate that would meet the number requirements and also look aesthetically pleasing. The CAM and CNC teams worked on manufacturing the elevator tension plates, the elevator forks, and the revised swerve tube.

Three computer are better than one.
Why not three computers?

The business team worked on making posters for the UPS delivery tomorrow. The delivery was suppose to be deliver today but a misunderstanding cause the deliver to be delayed until tomorrow. They also worked on customizing the dog tags.

Business team making posters.
Business team making posters.

The prototyping team worked on getting the intakes wiring and assembled so that the programming team could start programming them. They also worked on the wiring for the elevator and helped to put in little green triangles into the truss design that was added to the robot to lighten the robot.

2-14-2015 Green Triangles
Green triangles laser-cut to fit inside the truss design we did on the frame


Alexandr and Daniel are hard at work programing.
Aleksandr and Daniel are hard at work programming.

All of the different parts of the robot seem to be coming together. We may not have much time with the fully assembled robot but the way things are looking right now, at least we will have a robot that is completed by Tuesday.

Joshua and Jack assembling the intakes
Joshua and Jack assembling the intakes

Once the intakes were assembled and wired, we got the robot on the floor and began driving and intaking totes.

Then, we worked on getting the elevator bolted to the frame along with running the chain that runs the carriage up and down the elevator frame. Before we left, we managed to get the elevator screwed onto the chain.

Elevator chain-to-carriage attachment.



2-14-2015 Full Robot
State of robot a little while before leaving


Lab closing time: 2:00 AM on 2/14/2015