Day #38 – 2/9/15

Lab opening time: 9:00am

Today was a school holiday for all schools in GUSD but team 696 did not take a holiday today. The team worked hard to fix mistakes that were made yesterday and to make progress on the robot to send the elevator to powder-coating.

Devon and Shay worked on completing the elevator frame and making sure all of the parts fit together and that there was no excess material that just adding weight.

The programing team worked on the code for the swerve modules although the swerves were malfunctioning. The hex bearing was not fitting properly and some of the screws were unscrewing themselves, After a discussion on what to do, it was decided that we should use red lock-tigh  instead of blue lock-tight. As it turns out, the red lock-tight does not seem to work much better than the blue. To fix this problem, Bhavin worked on a new design for the swerve tube that would help keep the bearing in place and reposition the screw so that they hopefully will not unscrew themselves again.

Cynthia working on fixing the swerves
Cynthia working on fixing the swerves

The media team worked on interviewing people for the chairman’s award video and also started working on editing all of the GoPro time lapse they have accumulated over the past few days.

Business team started making the personalized dog tags that will have everyone’s name and position. They also submitted the Woody Flower’s essay and started working on the logos for the sides of the robot.

On manufacturing, the roller chain plate, the elevator to compressor mount, and the intake pivots were manufactured today. On the pivot, we decided to use a 3D profile that would do a z-level roughing and then come back and do a planar finish perpendicular to the x-axis. This way, we could profile along the edge of the part. On the first try, the offsets were wrong and the part came out off-centered and we had to start over.

Hum..... I think something is wrong but I can't quite tell?
Hum….. I think something is wrong but I can’t quite tell?
The 3D profile on the intake pivots.
The 3D profile on the intake pivots.  We were able to do the ramping finish pass with a 1/4″ 2-flute ball endmill at 300 IPM.

Joshua and Sipan finished the CAD of the intake rollers and the stock was cut for the intake. Mr. Black welded the intake together and hopefully the intake and the elevator will be ready to be sent off to powder coating in the morning.

Lab closing time: 10:45pm