Day #37 – 2/8/15 – Ctrl-Z

Lab Opening Time: 1:00 PM

Today was one of those days in robotics we would rather not refer to ever again. Mostly, a lot of mistakes were made that should have been caught a lot earlier.

Last night, for example, the electronics team found out that the PDP (Power Distribution Panel) had been wired incorrectly. After what was probably hours wasted on fixing this problem, the programmers had left for the night and no programming took place.

Today was another story altogether. On the robot alone, the gearboxes had to be taken off the frame and the versaplanetarys had to get disassembled. After which, we had to re-drill holes into the frame because the gearboxes refused to fit as they had before.

Displaying IMG_6435.JPG
The elevator frame placed on the drive base.


On the manufacturing side of things, the diagonal supports for the elevator had to get cut, drilled, re-drilled, welded, re-cut, re-re-drilled, and welded again. Then, we found out the electronics plate had to get re-cut (after already being drilled) after which point we had to lathe rivets to fit the plate.

The Electronics Plate
The Electronics Plate

Then, we found out that the elevator mechanism (which we spent several days working to machine) had been wrongly designed after already being made.

Wasted time, energy, and stock: today wasn’t a good day.

However, among all of this, the team had also accomplished putting the elevator on the frame. While the team accepts it’s mistakes, we always come back with a solution.

Among all of this, the team still accomplished a lot today:

The media team working on the set up for the chairman's video.
The media team working on the set up for the chairman’s video.

The media team was working on the chairman’s video, and business was designing the new business cards (which are looking much more modern and stylistic in-code with the new website)

Lab Closing Time: Approximately 12:30 AM on 2/9/15