Day #36 – 2/7/15 – Doughnuts and Dog Tags

Lab opening time: 9:00am

The day started with Mr. Hoard and Claire bringing in doughnuts for the team. During build season, the team must eat lots of sugar to keep our energy up and our minds working at full capacity. The double doughnuts were a nice surprise and started the day with a bang.





PWM wires terminated and crimped

The electrical team got to work right away on the wiring of the swerves to the robot frame. They were able to complete this diligent process by lunch time and spent the rest of the day connecting wires to the PWM and getting the robot ready to be driven by the programers code.

Swerve mounted to the frame
Completed frame with swerves and wires.


The programers worked on getting their code ready for the swerve and also worked on the autonomous code for the robot. They have been able to program the autonomous so that the robot can do certain actions when certain code is placed with in the script. They also worked on a way to tell the robot where the center point is so that they can use the center of the tote as a reference to how the robot should move.

Last year's team president stopped by to see how the robot was coming.
Last year’s team president, Saikiran, stopped by to see how the robot was coming.

The CAM and CNC teams were busy today with the manufacturing of the elevator bearing blocks, gusset plates, and elevator frame, and the break hub. The whole team is trying to get ready to send the elevator parts off to powder-coating on Monday so we are working hard to get all of the parts manufactured by then.

Elevator bearing blocks


Shay worked on the break caliper design and got the elevator CAD completed today. All that is left on the CAD is the autocanners, the intakes and the rest of the elevator parts.

Photo Feb 07, 7 11 46 PM
List of parts and what still needs to be done to get ready for powder coating on Monday.


The media team worked on the Chairman’s Award video and made a sliding camera mount to help the footage come out smoother. The web team updated the photo gallery on the website and also got the website working on mobile devices. Go check out the new and updated website at


The business team got the team dog tags completed today and there were no more fires involving the laser cutter. The also worked on making new business cards and continued work on the Chairman’s Award.

The laser cutter is back up and running.
The laser cutter is back up and running.
Photo Feb 07, 4 54 58 PM
The finished dog tag.

Since the lathe team did not have much work on the lathe, they decided to take it upon themselves to start organizing the washers, nuts, and bolts, that were all over lab.



Mr. Black, spent most of today working on purging the old robotics server of all of its data and getting the techno router set up on the new robotics server.

The goal for tomorrow is to finalize the CAD model, get the elevator parts made and the elevator welded and to get the programing team ample amount of time to test the swerve modules.

Lab closing time:  1:00 AM on 2/8/2015