Day #31- 2/2/15 – Off to Powder-Coating

Lab opening time: 1:30 pm

Today the robot frame was sent off for powder-coating today and will be returned to us tomorrow mid-day. While the frame was out, the team focused on other tasks.

Mr. Black and Shay worked hard on trying to get the elevator ready for manufacturing. The CAM team worked on the side plates for the elevator but ran into some trouble when we tried to post the code because the job sheet said that it would take one hour to manufacture which was much longer than expected. Additionally, the file size was larger than 1MB which was unusual because we have posted more complex parts without having a memory problem. After going back into our program and adjusting our plunge rates, federates, and spindle speeds, we found that the big problem was that we were trying to pocket a slot that was too small for the tool to make a helical motion. By the time, this was all figured out and the problems began to get fixed, it was time for people to go home. So, the plates are on hold until further notice.

The prototyping team worked on the kicker mechanism which will eject the totes by a pneumatic cylinder that is attached to hinged wheels. The kicker seems to work well and can push out four totes with ease. The problem is that the team is using a flow control valve which is making the kicker slow but without the flow valve, the 3D printed mounts break. To make a point, Mr. Black challenged the prototyping team saying that he could mill a mount that would not break faster than it would take to print one. Mr. Black lost this challenge because the 3D print was almost half-way done by the time he started milling. In the end, Mr. Black was correct in that, it would be much more effective to make the one mount our of aluminum than to 3D print several mounts that we know are going to break.

The business team had a meeting today to discuss the progress that is being made and to discuss t-shirt design. The media team helped business with the t-shirt design and with the chairman’s video. Nicole worked on putting together the business binder which has information about creating flyers and brochures for the team along with information about how to print these items.

Lab closing time: 6:35pm